bablab @ sea!

The map to the right hangs in Andrew's office to record the sampling locations where the bablab has been. Unfortunately it cuts out the Pacific, so no cruises to Hawaii or Tahiti allowed.

Click on the cruise tracks to learn a bit more about each!

bablab @ sea!
Chief Scientist Training Cruise 2016 BATS 2012 Iceland 2013! East Pacific Rise 2017 ETNP 2012 P18 2016/17 ETSP 2013

Chief Scientist Training Cruise 2016

This was quite the opportunity for Andrew: Learn the ins and outs of being the chief scientist of a research cruise, planning the cruise track, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to collect their samples, and maintaining harmony. Plus, it turns out this is how he was able to meet Ryan.

BATS 2012

This was a fun, albeit short, research foray into BATS (the Bermuda Atlantic Time Series). This was also Andrew and Tyler's first research trip together (Tyler was only 19 at the time!). Andrew measured seawater ammonium concentrations while Tyler braved the radar system to set up atmospheric sampling equipment above the bridge. However, it will forever be immortalized as the whale shark cruise due to a rare chance encounter with this majestic animal.

Iceland 2013!

How often does one get to travel to Iceland with his twin sister, doing chemistry side-by-side? Andrew can check that box off! His sister is a high school science teacher, and utilized this opportunity to not only assist with nutrient chemistry, but also to harness the methods to teach chemistry to her students back home.

East Pacific Rise 2017

Did someone say hydrothermal vents? Black smokers? And a trip to the sea floor on Alvin??

ETNP 2012

Andrew's first cruise will always have a special place in his heart...

P18 2016/17

Woah, that's a long way down. San Diego to Antarctica!

ETSP 2013

Another cruise, another ODZ. But! They're so much fun! The highlight may have been making a full rainbow of paper cranes, but we did do some science too!