We are absolutely interested in excited (and needless to say motivated!) researchers at all levels interested in joining the lab! Grad students, postdocs: This means you! Contact babbin (a) mit.edu to set up a conversation and nerd out! If you do email, be sure to include specifics about yourself! We’re really excited to know why you see yourself as a good fit for us, and more importantly why we’re a good fit for you! Funding is not necessarily in hand, however, but we’re always keen to help with fellowship applications. Note: All are most certainly welcome here.

Prospective grad students: We have historically accepted students through a number of programs at MIT, each with its own quirks. Our typical preference is to admit students directly through the EAPS program in Atmospheres, Oceans, and Climate, though if your sights are set on the MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography or MIT’s Microbiology program, we can discuss (ahead of your application!)!

General expectations of everyone in the group: Insatiable curiosity, innate creativity, fluidity with quantitative analysis (preferably inclusive of differential equations, statistics, and numerical methods), resilience in the face of unsatisfying results, team-positive attitude, and general passions for science and for the exploration of the world around us. Regardless of your specific background (and trust us, we all have quite varied expertise!), we are a group of ocean biogeochemists and thus expect you to learn about how the ocean works and be dedicated to revealing the nuances of its role in controlling Earth’s climate. We ask big, hard questions we don’t know the answers to, and fully expect you to do the same!

Lab members producing art work for our in-lab gallery is most appreciated. Being Matisse or Kahlo or Da Vinci is not required (as you can see above).