The bablab! Who doesn’t love an orange space?
Spiciest lab at MIT? Who are we to judge?

The Bablab opened in Summer 2017! We feature an array of chemical oceanography and marine microbiology research (all things biogeochemistry)! Most projects pertain to the cycling of marine nitrogen, its control on life in the ocean, and its effects on climate. Projects span both laboratory investigations and field occupations, coupling the precise ability to control the microbial landscape in the lab with the real world ground-truthing of the actual ocean.

Our view really is spectacular. You should see the sunsets!

Our lab happens to be in the clouds! Uppermost floor of the tallest building in Cambridge. One could say that we look down on everyone else (physically) or that we’re the top lab in Cambridge (again, literally). Not to compare ourselves to others, but we do think we’re a rather fun group.